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Offering_Service By ajay Posted On 30-December-2017 From Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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Our Mission We plan to launch many an educational app for children. Alphabetastic is our first little step and within Alphabetastic – our first launch has been Alphabetastic Mammals which is now available on Google Play. We are initially launching Alphabetastic in Android and shall slowly build up to other platforms as well. About Alphabetastic Let’s talk about the name: Alphabetastic. It’s a play on Alphabet + fantastic. We believe what truly sets the human race apart from the rest of the world is the brain. Our capacity for learning and knowledge retention is truly fantastic. And knowledge basically begins with language. So we have launched Alphabetastic in English, simply because it is the universal language of today. Spoken in almost all countries in the world. Let’s talk about how to use the app…

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