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If your target market spends a lot of time online, then it’s safe to say your business could absolutely benefit from online advertising. And with a good website you can reach your business’ target audience with only a few advertisements. When you advertise online, you can cook up your message to speak specifically to your target audience.

SHINE CLASSIFIEDS is growing popular among advertisers and potential customers. On a daily basis we reach out to thousands of Developers, Consultants, Analysts, Testers, Project Managers and Business Owners through our websites.  With our online advertising options, you can take advantage of digital media perks like instant access, easy to update and edit ads, and results tracking.

We push your product/service’s advertisement to a highly targeted audience to achieve promising feedback and growth to your business. We have many options and plans to meet your advertisements needs. No matter how good and reasonable your services are, people need to know about it for your business to grow. Online ads can draw more traffic to your website. When you have more traffic coming to your website, you’re increasing the chances of leads from your website.

Our goal is to not violate user experience and serve commercially compelling ads. We believe that advertising content should reflect values like morality, civility, integrity and respect for all people. We follow the standards and make sure to reduce the risks of adware and malware.

All the options we provide for advertising on our website have different reach and different rates. They range from Rs. 100/ month to Rs.300/ month.

With our highly thought of and maintained options, you are set to grow your business.


1.       Banner ads on home page: These ads will be the first thing any visitor would see as they are at the top of shineclassified’s homepage.

2.       Ads between classified listings: Spaces between classifieds listings are available for advertisement too. As a visitor scrolls down the page more ads will be shown on the screen.

3.       Dedicated email blasting: A weekly email blast to our registered users will be sent with latest updates and your ads for targeted reach.

4.       Main Ads in each category: As a visitor enters each category, he/she will be shown an ad at the top of the page.

5.       Ads in each subcategory: Similarly, space for ads is available on each of the subcategory pages.

6.       Advertisements at the top of the page will be charged more than the ones that are visible after scrolling down.

7.       The advertisements in the outermost layers/pages of the website will cost more in comparison to the ones posted in the inner layers/pages.

8.       Each ad will be valid up to 30 days.

9.       Ads once posted can be renewed after its validity expires.

10.   No refund policy is available once the ad has been published.

11.   Your advertisements will appear as sponsored ads in between the listings.


Kindly contact us from down below with your advertising needs and we’ll help you set-up.






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